miércoles, 21 de febrero de 2007

Before around 1 year ago proposing myself abandoning the BeOS scene, the idea of an Office suite was rounding in my head. Cannot be such complicated with a good design, and the provided API... I said to myself... well and time and motivation would make the remaining 80%.

So I decided some days ago, lost somewhere in Spain, to use some days trying to answer myself if such words i said 1 year ago were possible or not.

Here is the result of such days, at the moment StyledEdit provides more than this App...
But as stated before there is the need of the 80% of time and motivation, and another of the things I said to myself was "you are not going to finish this man", which i am as convinced as that it is actually possible to code it.

Summarizing lets see how it shows up, and what can we do.

All feedback, help, coding help, or donation would be apreciated.