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jueves, 12 de junio de 2008

VoIP back to platform?

Since it has been announced the completion of my final studies project, who involved in the URV, Berufsakademıe Karlsruhe and yT, in bebits was released the sources of the application in which Whisper was based BeNet

I was wondering if I was able to publish the thesis document in public. So that may be people try to take it further from the benet sources with the help of the document. The document is explained more or less all steps I did to convert that old version of BeNET to Whisper.

I contacted my university in Spain, but they could not give me all the rights as there were more parts implied. In Karlsruhe more or less they told me I could do whatever I want, but for some reasons I waited to contact the last part, with Bernd Korz. And although this conversation with him happened  several months ago, I got green light!!  And we will not have to start over again, as the final Whisper sources will be released!! thanks again Bernd!
So what in Germany was called "Mein Diplomarbeit" will be published sooner or later when I have time to gather the sources and host them somewhere.

For those who dont remember Whisper was an app derived from BeNet who was capable to keep VoIP conversations. It used an own point to point protocol, sort to say it was not following any standard. Which was the bad part as it could not connect to any other server nor application in another platform.

So one of the first steps would be give the application an standard & popular protocol to operate with another people from other platforms. Where in gTalk/libjingle is where my mind is directed to, (being Skype closed source and Jabber sources released also not long ago...).

Something for the lack of news lately...

Was hard to get some old screenshots, yahoo images was better than google this time!