sábado, 27 de septiembre de 2008

Whisper BeNet documentation released

The Documentation written to convert the old version of BeNet into Whisper has been released in the OsDrawer project page.

It is an extract of the whole tesis written in 2004 in PDF format.

The sources are not yet committed. But I have been collecting them and ensure that they build and all resources are available(bitmaps). I still need to make a full review of all code to avoid any legal issue.

Whisper BeNet runs in ZETA 1.2, due to Haiku proximity there is no plan(for me) to make efforts to bring it back to R5 but to switch to Haiku directly.

The sources will be available during November.

miércoles, 24 de septiembre de 2008

Bluetooth update & Hardware donation

It has been a long time without any update on the bluetooth Stack.

During these 2 months all the activity has been centered in implementing the L2cap protocol (and of course, going to the beach). The analog protocol in a TCP/IP Stack would be the TCP and UDP protocol, So it is not a trivial task.

The good point in all this is that after having some license conversation with the main FreeBSD developer(Maksim Yevmenkin) and the Haiku developers maillist, I am reusing some BSD code adapted to the Haiku kernel API, which is saving a lot of development time.

I divided the l2cap protocol in 2 sublayers (lower/higher). The whole lower is finished and currently I am completting the higher, which will merge with the final sockets interface accomplishing the last milestone.(FINALLY!)

By other hand Ineed to thank another hardware donation from......

With a huge delay thanking him, Luroh sent me a couple of bluetooth PCMCIA cards and one Wireless. When I got them I was almost ready to stop the development of the stack to code the transport drivers for those  cards, but Haiku hasnt PCMCIA support :(... so something more in my TODO-list. But anyway the cards will be useful as they duplicate the number of bluetooth devices I own.

 Thanks Luroh!