jueves, 23 de abril de 1981

To take into account before testing haiku bluetooth stack

First of all, I will avoid to explain all regarding "no warranty, no responsibility bla bla" you should assume before testing this.

But If some of you checked in attention in the screenshots my USB dongle address is 00:00:00:00:00:00 (which is bad).

I suspect that happened while retrieving link encryptions keys and storing them into the device, this seems to be a bug of the Broadcom 2035. Bluez Linux stack also experienced this bug. Many times I tried to get some support from Broadcom to check what's happening with the device and try to repair it. But, as usual, ignorance from the company in front of a defective product (and I use the chance for claiming). The problem ends up that the device needs a specific initialization sequence.

The consequence is that the device is like a ghost, he can communicate with others... but others due his ghost address would never discover him, therefore others cannot initiate a communication with him. 

Summarizing, here i post the USB vendor and product ID. If your dongle matches, you have a risk, and I strongly advice you not to test the stack yet.

 Vendor ID .............. 0x0a5c
 Product ID ............. 0x2035
 Product Version ........ 0x0100
 Manufacturer String .... "Broadcom Corp"
 Product String ......... "BCM2035B"