miércoles, 26 de diciembre de 2007

Xmas Xmas...

Another couple of days far from home... South this time, in Sevilla. I had some portions of code in the different places I am staying, some parts of the bluetooth kit in that computer, the server in a another.

A bit in a rush, before departing, gathered them all together in an old laptop with the hope i get some "free familiar time" to merge all them together, being able to test as soon as I come back home, and make a release with all work untill now at the end of Xmas time.

I got again from the opensourced BeNet an usefull class to handle debug information without having to trick logfiles... Which would be the first screenshot I could show of all the bluetooth system with some visual UI stuff. Later later...

As I promised to Andrea;) to give him a toy for Xmas to test...

Best Wishes to all!

viernes, 7 de diciembre de 2007

OOffice "back". LC (looking candidate)

Not that I have been hardly developing on that, but since I think I have all UI widgets I needed for OOffice from libwalter, I just played around adding some of the widgets.

It can be seen the toolbar and a splitter(from Project Conceptor) to separate those nice ShrinkView on the left I took from an opensourced BeNet. I am considering about removing the Format text controls from the toolbar and adding them to the ShrinkView ...

And this other one... running in Haiku ;)

domingo, 2 de diciembre de 2007

Bluetooth design

Regarding a post I saw some weeks ago about following a complete software cycle development in Haiku. I decided to publish the UML diagrams draft I am using to tailor all the haiku bluetooth subsystem.

In the link posted, can be seen some UML diagrams about the classes and the bluetooth server and bluetooth kit interaction. As well as some scenarios.

Stuff awaiting for comments as well as my last commit which belongs to the whole driver I have been commenting here.


OH!, and I use the chance to thank the bounty donators and give a little update about whats going on with all this ;)

[Comment] Note that I have not been actually respectful with the meaning of the types of arrows of the class diagrams ;)

miércoles, 7 de noviembre de 2007

Another push for the Haiku UI creation

As already published in BeOSFrance and in my friend's blog Koki some applications has been opensourced. Actually MeTOS always has been opensource under the GPL license, but its sources were not officially published anywhere.

Long ago when I searched the way to make my UI development quickier, I found in MeTOS as the best fitting my expectations. I wonder a lot about the others such as BeBuilder, BeXL and VisualBe.

So insipired by a post in haikuware about binary compatibility of MeTOS under Haiku, I started concering if we could ensure the further development of the application. I really think we cannot lose this piece of software. Therefore I contacted Cedric Vincent, the author.

And here is the result, here we can find the new site of the MeTOS project. Which I already joined... another subject is where to take the time...

Take the chance to point the other 2 sourceforge sites of his opensourced projects, DontWorry and BeNetTris

THANKS Cedric!

lunes, 5 de noviembre de 2007

the under-UI-world...

In the last weeks we have been doing some work in the libwalter project since the summer break, was an active week.

Some classes are starting to be used (in OOffice in my case), therefore some bugs are being cleaned. After the use, the needed improvements can be noticed and implemented(Splitter). Biffuz's ToolBar also got many improvements, and some elements from Tracker were isolated and included in the lib (the little triangle expanding the View)

Finally we added some more test cases to show somehow the result of the project as can be seen in the screenshot.

Anyone can go the libwalter website, download the sources via svn, and "jam" them to build the lib or execute the test cases. For the moment R5/Haiku & ZETA compatible ;)

viernes, 26 de octubre de 2007

Bluetooth kit/sever/preferences [second attempt]

As far as I remember the last post continued something like...

All the subsystem needs to control and manage at least:

  • "Bluetooth ports" we have in the system, LocalDevice
  • Give the user to discover the devices around, RemoteDevices
  • Each LocalDevice will have 1 and only 1 Connection to other Remote Device. And this sometimes will only be possible after some pincode pairing.
  • And for now... each connection handles multimes Channels where rely all the bluetooth services(psm) between 2 devices.
Some of this points even require a nice UI looking for the user feedback.

So a server, managing the access to this LocalDevices, a kit for developers to access to them and a Preferences app for the user to set the all the possible configurations in the bluetooth world, seems to be a requirement.

Real data flowcomunication most likely will end up being a sockets family AF_BLUETOOTH to keep some compatibility with FreeBSD and Linux. So we can port some upper layer apps or profiles.

In terms of the kit which some parts are already committed. I have been searching for existing bluetooth APIs SymbianOS, Microsoft,... and I found in the JSR82 a nice developerfriendly API, the most near I saw from the Be way.

JSR82 is a API developed by motorola for smart phones supporting J2ME. Yes it is a Java API. Any java application that is capable to be loaded into a mobile phone using bluetooth services is coded using the JSR82 API.

No panic, only the classnames, methos and parameters are going to be used. All the kit is going to be as usual and always a C++ kit. Lets say the kit is going to be insipired in that API.

To say that if someone knows another API that is worth to pay attention, or any consideration about this desition. Now all is in a early stage and we can still change;)

miércoles, 24 de octubre de 2007

bluetooth kit ... ¿qué será, será?

Some important facts happened this week you all know. Michael's announcement and consequent Stephan's reply.

First, we will unify all contributors with commit access to the Haiku source tree into a single Developer Team,[...]. Membership to this team is automatic through gaining commit access.

And as some of you that follow the Haiku checkins might know, at the beginning of the week(sunday) the first classes composing the future bluetooth kit were committed to the tree. So having checked in implies have commit access, which implies belong to the Developer Team! thats way too much pressure! (kidding)

It is the second time blogger cuts this post, and deletes all the technical info I wrote. So bein as pissed as I am now, I better go on with the post another day...

sorry :(

viernes, 12 de octubre de 2007

GSoC Summit [Update]

Was a complete weekend for us, Google Summit on Saturday, and on Sunday the Norcal meeting. For the second part Koki did a more than complete summarize about what happened that day so its a better idea to go to read there. All the pictures I and the others did are in the Norcal site.

We already met some people from other projects such as Freenet, ScummVM, Etherboot and Drupal during our previous days in the hotel, and in a dinner organized... downtown in Sunnyvalley maybe? I have no idea where was it, an expensive Italian restaurant. So I will try to give a good overview about the Google the day. 

It started with a shuttle which took us to the Google HQ. There was a bit of confusion concerning where were we supposed to have our breakfast, if at google's or in the hotel, and when was gonna be the last bus.
Once there,  we registered and got a pencil and a notebook to take some notes and the real breakfast started in the "no name caffe". 
There were some proposed talks by the mentors to take place during the day. Those were announced in posters around the caffe, and we were supposed to place a sticker if we were expecting to attend. Afterwards, we all joined in the Tunis room to have the general information about the event, schedule all the talks, and the bad new... no pictures inside the building but outside.

The first and maybe more important talk was in Seville room (city where my family originally comes from). It was basically how to deal with students, selection process, motivation and so on. We took many notes in that talk and learn a lot about how other organizations were dealing it. The first important point I get from all this.

Many talks were overlapping and I would say, I did not do a good choice for the next one... as I barely remember it. Summarizing it was a loop of "tech_talk + tech_talk + eat". One of the funny ones for me was about how to get women involved in opensource. Although the first step I guess is involving them into computers engineering. Another about games was given by one of the ScummVM members: Eugeni Sadulenko (Евгени Садуленко I bet). The last one I took was about bioinformatics, connected to some of my parallel projects. All talks in general were emphasizing the opensource philosophy.

The second important point was the PR done with members of another projects. I was happy that many people knew about us, for the other who did not know at least we did some promoting, and for the ones that already knew us, just pushing a bit like "... and who is keeping your BeOS port?"

After the talks, back to the hotel as Google ordered a huge amount of pizza for the mentors to eat all together at the pool of the hotel. I wondered who ordered the beer people was removing on the following morning...

Basically that was the day. The security as i told did not allow us to take pics but here are all I could take :) I will update the entry as soon as I remember something more

Other pics form other mentors:

And the group picture! find the Haiku team!

Actually, sincerely.... the most impressing thing for me was, the Google toilets... but i am not supposed to talk about it...

This was another group picture taken by an exotic english accent guy(himself proclaimed) Panoramic photo and here a cross shaped one

viernes, 5 de octubre de 2007

Broadcasting from WildPalms

Nice an airport with plugs around to plug the computer! The GSoCS journey started waiting in Philadelphia for the San Francisco flight. Dissapointed that also in American airports you have to pay for the wireless acces. So this will be posted sometime... and Already spend the first dollars of my life in real real Junk Food! At the moment nothing seems that different from Spain...

Concerning the bluetooth project, Karl from Haikuware contacted me last week about to create a bounty regarding it. The project was already started anyway as he wrote but, with given a deadline, then fits better in a bounty.As last I checked, I must thank their cointribution to Andrea(I have the ItBug u gave me right here) and Jared

The description of the project and its planned phases can be seen there as well. At the moment the project is in a "coding breake" as i am designing a bit the userland part of the architecture. For that I started using the available Umbrello in Kubuntu, but took me to many lost data, so end up with Bouml. As soon as I trust a bit more Google Docs I will be publishing the current designs and documentation as well as the project proposal.

jueves, 27 de septiembre de 2007

Alive remote signals. Milestone 1 reached.

This is finally something. At least the point i wanted to reach before ending the "spanish summer". The packages sent in the previous post were obviously corrupted by a small bug. Once corrected the device started answering correctily to the configuration commands.

Could get some of the dongle parameters like its physical address and its default name. But what it is shown in the following screenshots isnt that but the result of an Inquiry process. This is what is known as... search for remote bluetooth devices around the Office.

Here between the data, I selected the text of the reported physical address of a found device. It belongs to my mobile phone. For each device found, an "inquiry result event" is issued. This code event is 0x2 and can be seen in the first character of the line:

Here we can somehow demostrate that there was actual comunication as the phone, reported about his name. I wont comment the kind structure of the information but note around the selected text the characters "OliverZ" at the beggining and at the end "600". Which forms the name of my mobile OliverZ600, the Sony Ericsson model. 

I bet its time for a break...

lunes, 24 de septiembre de 2007

dead or alive Bluetooth signals?

Yes, I can say the first information coming from the bluetooth device is here.

It is a reply form a HCI command, an HCI event. The reply frame is correctily formed. It is concretelly a "command complete event". The problem is that it is reporting an error. Seems has not recognized at all the command i sent, and returns the following bluetooth error code ...

The Unsupported Feature Or Parameter Value error code indicates that a feature or parameter value in an LMP message or HCI Command is not supported.

martes, 18 de septiembre de 2007

Firsts debugs and tests...

Until this point all in the previous post was...Vaporware?

I was having serious issues with the HW of my former development machine where I started all the Bluetooth development(AMD K6-2 500MHz). NIC working but no Sound, freezing.. etc. So from the last code production I was dealing with Hardware around home to get something better. The current one was totally discarded. The first time I tried to build connecting the motherboard connectors the scene was:
- " Not working... but seems there is an orange debug LED informing about... oh oh.... this isn't a led but a burning resistor!!!!"

But well seems working, the resistor belonged to the sound system(although output works), I suspect was the joystick port. An AMD 1,3GHz 256RAM, not a big thing, even being my best machine, it does not contain even 4GB of hard disk joining 3 hard drives so getting whole Haiku tree is already impossible.

So this is the result of the testing/debug. At the moment after plugging the Bluetooth dongle as you can see the device is published in the devfs tree, not much, but took same time than writing this post, which make me feel happy about the code written till the moment, because these hooks are the core part of the driver.

Need to point that this is just a driver, there is a stack protocol waiting to be on the top of this driver (4 protocols to consider it as a basic bluetooth stack) HCI, L2CAP, RFCOMM, SDP). So whats this driver supporting? just usb-bluetooth dongles, nothing more. If you want to to use a bluetooth keyboard. I think the profile needed to be implemented is called BT-HID or similar.
Transfer files from your mobile phone? I think you need 2 more protocols (FP, OBEX) which rely on top of RFCOMM.

Bad news?

In other words... can we use the gtalk features of gmail in your browser with just a NIC driver? there are some things in the middle :) starting with a good browser...

Oh yeah... the soruces are safe... in the HD, a USB stick, some mail.... and of course, in the floopy.

miércoles, 12 de septiembre de 2007

all was suposed to be BLUE...

Summer has gone, it can be seen in the activity of the blog, but somehow felt that there was the need to at least say something about all these...

2004 times was when I first got in contact with that technology, the knowledge of that unfinished project was still in my head and I really had the need to dump it somewhere while it was still in my mind... as a legacy of those times.

The ones who physically remember me (partyzipa, germany...) saw me with still an old Nokia 3330 cell phone. So hard to believe but some months ago, in my Madrid times, I got my brother's former mobile, a Sony Ericsson Z600. And what? I just wanted 2 features: Java(J2ME this will be for another post) and Bluetooth capabilities.

So already when I was in Madrid, the background work started. Some Headers here, some definitions there... directory structure. But I just had real code production in the last 2 weeks.

At the moment I have laying in a floppy disk what seems to be a beta version of a USB-Bluetooth driver. Waiting to be compiled, and start the debugging and testing stage.

More or less the coding stage is done. I have a serious issue with a dependency with a Haiku kernel module, which might prevent the Bluetooth system to work on R5 at all. It lacks support for [e]SCO connections (and will for a while). For the testing, an emulation of the next layer of the architecture will need to be implemented... until proper implementation.

Which layer? Bluetooth-HCI but these and architecture details will be also in another post.

No need to comment that if someone in the comunity has experience in the technology as dev or as user, many sugestions design/integration help can be done to this future Bluetooth Haiku Subsystem, just comment ;)

viernes, 15 de junio de 2007

... de vuelta

Ya paso un año de mi forzada huida de alemania, pense imposible tener un trabajo digno en mi pais, pero solo paso un mes para que se encontrara algo.

Eso si hubo que renunciar a vivir cerca de la pequeña ciudad de Gaudi... Barcelona, menuda mierda de ciudad... ahi se hunda o arda(una vez evacuados sus habitantes). Despues de haber trabajado en Madrid y ahora en Valls, entiendo por que me costaba mantener los ojos abiertos, no hay quien concilie el sueño en esa ciudad..
En fin poco despues el sacrificio se hizo mayor por que el proyecto aernautico del IFF del Airbus A400 se traslado a Madirid... y yo con el. Como minimo me sacaron de esa asquerosa ciudad.

Pasamos a la cuna de la aviacion española... Getafe donde se ubica la factoria de EADS-CASA, lo mas parecido a Reus que habia vivido en los ultimos años. 

Algo tranquilo, fueron unos 8 meses que conoci a gente increible, atado 
de alguna forma ya que parecia que no era posbile trabajar en algo 
intereante sin estar en una de las 2 capitales españolas.

Las casualidades me han llevado a poder encajar en un proyecto de automocion con Jaguar/Land Rover desarrollado a apenas 30 kilometros de mi casa en la empresa Lear. Y empezo la tan deseada vuelta a casa. Eso sin tener que ver como mi esfuerzo se abarata.

Despues de 1 mes sin actualizar el blog... o mas, por fin puedo escribir sentado en mi silla de ruedas azul.. mis 2 ordenadores... este teclado que no me deja escribir acentos...y sin pensar que al dia siguiente estoy obligado a recorrer mas de 30 km por alguna razon...

Ya hace  2 semanas y aun no he acabado de desplegar las cosas... asi como el "haiku dev machine" que me construi con piezas que "encontre" por Madrid que me ayudara a porder avanzar algunos de los proyectos que aun siguen en mente...

sábado, 5 de mayo de 2007

libWalter ....

So some days after my last post, Darkwyrm and me started to think about creating a library to supply all those widgets I commented many times we miss in our platform.

Of course we have them.. but they are all spread around the comunity projects. Or even some are laying within an unfinished project in hard drive of a developer.
So LibWalter is the try to collect them and join them in a Library. I invite you to check in the OsDrawer site our project site and see the plans.

BTW, some of the components already implemented in libWalter, are being used in OOffice. Also to get the chance to show some of the opensumit code used in the app, here is a screenshot... oh and it is now in R5(I really think it looks nicer)... and I also got it running in Haiku, but that's another history ...

miércoles, 18 de abril de 2007

OO.o & reflexions...

Well, well, as Tweak from South Park would say "oh that's way too much preassure".

So when I was at work I took note about all things I should comment.

First thing is since the GSoC is here I did not took the application further. Simply there is not so much time mentoring a student and go on with the application at the same time. Looking at the dates of the last post is before our GSoC adventure started. It does not mean I am not going to dedicate some hours to it... but certainly less as the GSoC has more priority.

About the name, well similarities with OpenOffice are just a coincidence :) Just BeIDE drops the binary at the beggining ad BeApp... and i had to choose a fast name...Office, and looking my real name you can guess the other part.
Although I want to change the name.

Anybody can have some of his questions answered by reading the blog. I am almost sure i am not going to finish this project, at least alone. It is a way to show the comunity "Hey guys... this in just some weekends... IS POSSIBLE!", Reading my previous post, my first milestone is really modest: Do as much as much as StyledEdit can. Become a Office replacement? becoming a Gobe replacement is more than what I expect. Even if Haiku got a new in osnews or i make some persons of the comunity feel happier or more convinced about the comunity they are in, thats also enough for me.

Yes the screenshots are in ZETA.... 1.1 concretelly, but is someone expecting this is gonna be a ZETA only app??

About Porting openOffice...
Well guys, I worked in yT...and most of you are aware yT was working in a port. So I already know the PAIN of trying a port of OO.org. A lot of time with it... persons... no results against 4 weekends and here I can show you something.
Believe me there are a couple of HUGE issues which makes technically impossible the port. Porting OO.org is a task that ... in Spain we say something like "I wish to nobody".
It is so a nasty task... that at least I wont use my free time for that. Instead of this I prefer doing what I do in my workplace, and dont code for Haiku/BeOS/ZETA at all. So i dont know how i can say it.... No I already tried... and i already failed. More clear... I dont feel capable if you want to hear it.

Add also the wished Native App, another Firefox crushing my nice BeOS(all respects to BeZilla team)? no please. Dont you prefer a maintenable Gobe than a buggy OOOO?
OSx took more than a year for a OS that has a BSD kernel... but Haiku hasnt a BSD kernel..
Just nightmares thinking about it.

Some more... Abiword & Sumit.

Cool because OOffice is already using some GUI components of Summit (really nice all of them) and I actually planned for a second milestone have both applications integrated...if the license does not forbid..
But first I want a complete "Office Development Framework" which would make easier the integration.... and trivial create a Presentation App, etc etc. So yes the plans would be make a complete Suite.

Abiword... I think is GPL and the O of OOffice at the moment does not mean OPEN at all. I dont want to have an obligation to keep the source opened, as less obligations as possible... real freedom... As i dont know yet where i am going to lead the project.

A question.. can you select a couple of cells in sumit and drop them in the Abiword to have a table in your document?

Native & integrated... translators... reuse... thats what I want...

At least our platform... is an unholy platform... we die and die and die again... only we, the BeOS lovers, will like it and use it... the others... just dont like or dont want... lets do it our way...

Well its late now, I will update the entry during the week with the possible comments.

Thanks all for the support and for the ones offered their code already!

lunes, 19 de marzo de 2007

OO update

Some days without a post, and i think 2 weekends passed since the last screenshot... so here is one showing the promised feature. You can have now colors size and different sizes. All with zoom features and.... with multitabs as Opera. I am trying to fix for myself a milestone. I guess it will be covering all that StyledEdit can do.

Finally i self-coded a first possible ToolBar class I hope someone can lead me to a more complete one coded around in some other project.
.. and still need the pictured button...

By the way, i am really excited with the Google Summer of code and the possibility of being a mentor. Congratulations to all!

 Color font & sizes

lunes, 12 de marzo de 2007

Sobre la arquitectura...

Hace mucho, mucho tiempo he estado buscando la composición de lo que fuera que utilizaban nuestros ancetros para la construcción en substitución del cemento actual. Sobretodo en la época medieval. Ya era hora de tener algunas respuestas...

Aljibe: Suele estar construido con ladrillos unidos con argamasa. Las paredes internas suelen estar recubiertas de una mezcla de cal, arena, óxido de hierro, arcilla roja y resina de lentisco, para impedir filtraciones y la putrefacción del agua que contiene.

Argamasa: Tipo de mortero empleado como material de construcción en albañilería, formado de cal, que actúa como conglomerante, arena y agua, que al secarse adquiere una constitución muy dura, pero menor que la del hormigón. Antiguamente fue muy empleada en la construcción de murallas y casas como mortero que unía piedras o ladrillos.

viernes, 9 de marzo de 2007

oh God, I never expected that working in avionics could arrive to be so bored. I do really need to code a bit! BTW I hope Haiku has luck with the Google Summer code :-)
Here are some screenshots again, they are 1 week old, so now it looks a bit better actually.
Then i will start to move a little bit classes and objects here and there to accomplish my first target whish is having a good "Office" Framework.
I came up with an idea which i have not seen in an Office suite...may i can show it up in the next post.
BTW I still am in the need of GUI stuff & widgets, as i said in some previous post. Some may realized in the screenshots that I am reusing some code from another projects, and this saved a lot of time. If someone know any class in bebits or open sourced proyect which i can take something to speed-up this...POST! I am not the kinda devs that prefers to code ALL by himself... OO REUSE! REUSE!!

 Colors, font&Style

viernes, 23 de febrero de 2007

OOffice quest ...

Well obviously there is such a lot of work to do. At the moment what i can see is that i DO really need some support classes. Most of the time i complain about BeOS Standard APi misses some GUI widgets that must be included in the API. ZETA is solving most of them and in the same way i hope Haiku does the same for the first release.
Examples are the listView column, a SpinButton, SplitPane, Those are the most i Miss. But in the OOffice project i am missing another ones, not really end user widgets those are.

  • A nice pictured button
  • A ToolBar Class
  • Movable View
So the points will be browsing a bit around bebits or look in the OpenSource projects if i can save some time or efforts in this HUGE project. Well if you know where I can take references about this or in general about Office solution.... just post something.

Oh by the way i was not gonna talk about this without posting a new screenshot some more lines of code there.

miércoles, 21 de febrero de 2007

Before around 1 year ago proposing myself abandoning the BeOS scene, the idea of an Office suite was rounding in my head. Cannot be such complicated with a good design, and the provided API... I said to myself... well and time and motivation would make the remaining 80%.

So I decided some days ago, lost somewhere in Spain, to use some days trying to answer myself if such words i said 1 year ago were possible or not.

Here is the result of such days, at the moment StyledEdit provides more than this App...
But as stated before there is the need of the 80% of time and motivation, and another of the things I said to myself was "you are not going to finish this man", which i am as convinced as that it is actually possible to code it.

Summarizing lets see how it shows up, and what can we do.

All feedback, help, coding help, or donation would be apreciated.

martes, 20 de febrero de 2007

It is getting hard to post something useful here, not really a good beggining. But as i will comment later, i am lost somewhere in Spain and not concretelly in a ncie green mountain with a house selfmade out of wood. I get internet every day but always forget my flash drive with all the documents and data that i wanna post here. Today i remembered just when i was already on the way with my car... the sentece of the week for me is.... SeaPeople+Semen=Society

jueves, 15 de febrero de 2007

Pues esta es la primera entrada que todo blog ha de tener supongo y que para nada tiene que ser trascendental ni concretarse en un solo tema, pero quizas si decir que se puede encontrar aqui. Pretendo pronto, a lo largo de la siguiente semana comentar algo sobre los primeros prototipos de una Suite de Ofimatica para BeOS, Tengo ya un binario y un screenshot que añadiré a este articulo. Creo que es lo mas trascendente que por ahroa podría comentar a este mundo. Y si has llegado a perder el timpo alguna vez en este blog.... pues comenta algo ;)