lunes, 19 de marzo de 2007

OO update

Some days without a post, and i think 2 weekends passed since the last screenshot... so here is one showing the promised feature. You can have now colors size and different sizes. All with zoom features and.... with multitabs as Opera. I am trying to fix for myself a milestone. I guess it will be covering all that StyledEdit can do.

Finally i self-coded a first possible ToolBar class I hope someone can lead me to a more complete one coded around in some other project.
.. and still need the pictured button...

By the way, i am really excited with the Google Summer of code and the possibility of being a mentor. Congratulations to all!

 Color font & sizes

lunes, 12 de marzo de 2007

Sobre la arquitectura...

Hace mucho, mucho tiempo he estado buscando la composición de lo que fuera que utilizaban nuestros ancetros para la construcción en substitución del cemento actual. Sobretodo en la época medieval. Ya era hora de tener algunas respuestas...

Aljibe: Suele estar construido con ladrillos unidos con argamasa. Las paredes internas suelen estar recubiertas de una mezcla de cal, arena, óxido de hierro, arcilla roja y resina de lentisco, para impedir filtraciones y la putrefacción del agua que contiene.

Argamasa: Tipo de mortero empleado como material de construcción en albañilería, formado de cal, que actúa como conglomerante, arena y agua, que al secarse adquiere una constitución muy dura, pero menor que la del hormigón. Antiguamente fue muy empleada en la construcción de murallas y casas como mortero que unía piedras o ladrillos.

viernes, 9 de marzo de 2007

oh God, I never expected that working in avionics could arrive to be so bored. I do really need to code a bit! BTW I hope Haiku has luck with the Google Summer code :-)
Here are some screenshots again, they are 1 week old, so now it looks a bit better actually.
Then i will start to move a little bit classes and objects here and there to accomplish my first target whish is having a good "Office" Framework.
I came up with an idea which i have not seen in an Office suite...may i can show it up in the next post.
BTW I still am in the need of GUI stuff & widgets, as i said in some previous post. Some may realized in the screenshots that I am reusing some code from another projects, and this saved a lot of time. If someone know any class in bebits or open sourced proyect which i can take something to speed-up this...POST! I am not the kinda devs that prefers to code ALL by himself... OO REUSE! REUSE!!

 Colors, font&Style