viernes, 9 de marzo de 2007

oh God, I never expected that working in avionics could arrive to be so bored. I do really need to code a bit! BTW I hope Haiku has luck with the Google Summer code :-)
Here are some screenshots again, they are 1 week old, so now it looks a bit better actually.
Then i will start to move a little bit classes and objects here and there to accomplish my first target whish is having a good "Office" Framework.
I came up with an idea which i have not seen in an Office suite...may i can show it up in the next post.
BTW I still am in the need of GUI stuff & widgets, as i said in some previous post. Some may realized in the screenshots that I am reusing some code from another projects, and this saved a lot of time. If someone know any class in bebits or open sourced proyect which i can take something to speed-up this...POST! I am not the kinda devs that prefers to code ALL by himself... OO REUSE! REUSE!!

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Anónimo dijo...

liblayout - it can simplify the ui code because you won't need to position everything.
but I never used it so maybe I'm wrong.
I think this can save alot of time, and the elements will re-position themselves in dynamic layout.
hope this helps, kobi

dfadf dijo...

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