lunes, 19 de marzo de 2007

OO update

Some days without a post, and i think 2 weekends passed since the last screenshot... so here is one showing the promised feature. You can have now colors size and different sizes. All with zoom features and.... with multitabs as Opera. I am trying to fix for myself a milestone. I guess it will be covering all that StyledEdit can do.

Finally i self-coded a first possible ToolBar class I hope someone can lead me to a more complete one coded around in some other project.
.. and still need the pictured button...

By the way, i am really excited with the Google Summer of code and the possibility of being a mentor. Congratulations to all!

 Color font & sizes

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frankps dijo...

Hi Oliver,

that is some great work you have achieved here. Really impressive. Keep up the good work, and it's really nice to see that you are to take part in the Google Summer Code as a mentor.

Frank Paul Silye

thaflo dijo...

Hi Oliver,

thanks and best wishes for OOffice and being mentor at the GSoC! I was very surprised and happy that finally someone begun to develop an Office (Suite?).
I'd really like to support you, though, my german help would be more readable that the english one ... But I could try.

Best wishes from Italy,

emwe dijo...

Oliviero! :)

You must have had bad dreams remembering the huge OOo-depgraph from Maurice', Markus' and Kai's room, eh? ;)

Good luck with the project! Nice to "hearing" from you again!

I could offer to lend a helping hand, but before promising anything... ;)))

Greets, Michael.

maurice dijo...

Hm... sounds like something nice for "Host". Ok, I guess these are enough allusions :)
Nice work indeed and nice to see something from you again.

Gamma dijo...

Hello, this is a fabulous blog. OOffice looks quite promising. I wish you all the best.


biffuz dijo...

Hello Oliver,

I'm the developer of AtomoCAD, and I'm developing some useful classes that I want to release under the MIT license, and this includes a toolbar class. If you want, I can send you the code ;-)

urnenfeld dijo...

Hey all,

Bifuzz I remember your ToolBar presentation in BG. It could be nice if your work could be part of the Haiku interface kit. As with the current events this app will be Haiku Only.
But of course when i wrote about the Toolbar class.... i was thinking in yours. :))

Frank flo, emwe, maurice and the others... thanks for the comments, I remember you all guys, and the cool moments we had last year together ;)

Anónimo dijo...

Couldn't you take OpenOffice and modify it to fit in with BeOS? It seems like that would be a lot less work. Maybe you could talk to the people at NeoOffice about how they take OpenOffice and convert it to run as a Mac OS X Java app that looks like a Mac program.

Paradoxon dijo...


if you want to "reuse" some code, maybe my PCommandManager and PCommand
is useful.

There you have - "out of the Box"
Makro Support
Undo / Redo Support
"Grouping" Commands

(Maybe also together with the PluginManager)

API(really worse dokumented - sorry):

Some tutorial in this "direktion"

Paradoxon dijo...

I forgot:

It could be that the code is not "perfekt" but it work for me.

If there are any question just ask:,com_contact/Itemid,11/

Anónimo dijo...

Maybe this is a foolish question, but wouldn't it make more sense to port Java to Haiku and get OpenOffice? It would seem to me to be significantly easier to implement a defined language runtime than to reimplement all of the structures, algorithms, etc., necessary for an office suite. Or heck, even converting AbiWord, etc., to Haiku (considering it was originally for BeOS) seems like it would be easier. Am I missing something?

Sr Xavi dijo...

¡Ostras Oliver!

Estás hecho todo un personaje... y pensar que era yo el que te decía que eso del software libre valía la pena... Estás hecho un mostruo, ¡hasta sales en OSNews! ¡Y mentor de Google SoC, joder! ¡Felicidades maestro!


Xavi (sí, el Xavi de Reus)

Paradoxon dijo...

Sorry for spaming your blog :(
I just had a question and a idea

some questions:
1. Will this project hostet on berlios or
2. Can we give some sugestions ?? :)
2.1 If so, i would really really appreciate if this office suit can handle replicants (BShelf :)) .. (if someone make showimage replicant ready you already have image support). And if the Mediaplayer will be replicant ready you instantly have video support :) If your application is a also a replicant it can easily mange to include writerdocuments into spreadsheets and the other way around.

Koki dijo...

Hola Oliver,

Veo que eres la estrella del día. Enhorabuena!

Iv Kozak dijo...

Hi Oliver! It's a very bold and honorable effort to make a brand new office suite for Haiku. I'm UI designer, and I'd like to help you with OO's UI. If you're interested, contact me at
I wish you good luck & patience :)

urnenfeld dijo...

Maestro Xavi sabia que no me fallarias, sabia que leerias el osnews,

Mira tio uno que se aburre. A ver si me vuelvo pronto pa' Reus.


urnenfeld dijo...


Thanks for the post. I will take a deep look to your proyect. Any code is more than welcome!

I will write another entry in the blog to clarify some other questions about the project.

Thanks all for the support

Anónimo dijo...

I don't want to meddle in,
but maybe this will be a good advice:
design a full format as the native format, or look into other projects' work for making it complete. perhaps some kind of standard?
once you have a native format, you "just" convert other formats to yours. kind of like complex translators. (maybe it's possible in translators?)
I think KOffice did nice job, because they have frames, which can hold different objects.. I think this way of development would be worth it in the long run. (software would be less complex - think of a browser for example, it would be alot easier to convert a webpage to your format and then only one renderer is needed.)
hope this helps

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