miércoles, 18 de abril de 2007

OO.o & reflexions...

Well, well, as Tweak from South Park would say "oh that's way too much preassure".

So when I was at work I took note about all things I should comment.

First thing is since the GSoC is here I did not took the application further. Simply there is not so much time mentoring a student and go on with the application at the same time. Looking at the dates of the last post is before our GSoC adventure started. It does not mean I am not going to dedicate some hours to it... but certainly less as the GSoC has more priority.

About the name, well similarities with OpenOffice are just a coincidence :) Just BeIDE drops the binary at the beggining ad BeApp... and i had to choose a fast name...Office, and looking my real name you can guess the other part.
Although I want to change the name.

Anybody can have some of his questions answered by reading the blog. I am almost sure i am not going to finish this project, at least alone. It is a way to show the comunity "Hey guys... this in just some weekends... IS POSSIBLE!", Reading my previous post, my first milestone is really modest: Do as much as much as StyledEdit can. Become a Office replacement? becoming a Gobe replacement is more than what I expect. Even if Haiku got a new in osnews or i make some persons of the comunity feel happier or more convinced about the comunity they are in, thats also enough for me.

Yes the screenshots are in ZETA.... 1.1 concretelly, but is someone expecting this is gonna be a ZETA only app??

About Porting openOffice...
Well guys, I worked in yT...and most of you are aware yT was working in a port. So I already know the PAIN of trying a port of OO.org. A lot of time with it... persons... no results against 4 weekends and here I can show you something.
Believe me there are a couple of HUGE issues which makes technically impossible the port. Porting OO.org is a task that ... in Spain we say something like "I wish to nobody".
It is so a nasty task... that at least I wont use my free time for that. Instead of this I prefer doing what I do in my workplace, and dont code for Haiku/BeOS/ZETA at all. So i dont know how i can say it.... No I already tried... and i already failed. More clear... I dont feel capable if you want to hear it.

Add also the wished Native App, another Firefox crushing my nice BeOS(all respects to BeZilla team)? no please. Dont you prefer a maintenable Gobe than a buggy OOOO?
OSx took more than a year for a OS that has a BSD kernel... but Haiku hasnt a BSD kernel..
Just nightmares thinking about it.

Some more... Abiword & Sumit.

Cool because OOffice is already using some GUI components of Summit (really nice all of them) and I actually planned for a second milestone have both applications integrated...if the license does not forbid..
But first I want a complete "Office Development Framework" which would make easier the integration.... and trivial create a Presentation App, etc etc. So yes the plans would be make a complete Suite.

Abiword... I think is GPL and the O of OOffice at the moment does not mean OPEN at all. I dont want to have an obligation to keep the source opened, as less obligations as possible... real freedom... As i dont know yet where i am going to lead the project.

A question.. can you select a couple of cells in sumit and drop them in the Abiword to have a table in your document?

Native & integrated... translators... reuse... thats what I want...

At least our platform... is an unholy platform... we die and die and die again... only we, the BeOS lovers, will like it and use it... the others... just dont like or dont want... lets do it our way...

Well its late now, I will update the entry during the week with the possible comments.

Thanks all for the support and for the ones offered their code already!