jueves, 27 de septiembre de 2007

Alive remote signals. Milestone 1 reached.

This is finally something. At least the point i wanted to reach before ending the "spanish summer". The packages sent in the previous post were obviously corrupted by a small bug. Once corrected the device started answering correctily to the configuration commands.

Could get some of the dongle parameters like its physical address and its default name. But what it is shown in the following screenshots isnt that but the result of an Inquiry process. This is what is known as... search for remote bluetooth devices around the Office.

Here between the data, I selected the text of the reported physical address of a found device. It belongs to my mobile phone. For each device found, an "inquiry result event" is issued. This code event is 0x2 and can be seen in the first character of the line:

Here we can somehow demostrate that there was actual comunication as the phone, reported about his name. I wont comment the kind structure of the information but note around the selected text the characters "OliverZ" at the beggining and at the end "600". Which forms the name of my mobile OliverZ600, the Sony Ericsson model. 

I bet its time for a break...

lunes, 24 de septiembre de 2007

dead or alive Bluetooth signals?

Yes, I can say the first information coming from the bluetooth device is here.

It is a reply form a HCI command, an HCI event. The reply frame is correctily formed. It is concretelly a "command complete event". The problem is that it is reporting an error. Seems has not recognized at all the command i sent, and returns the following bluetooth error code ...

The Unsupported Feature Or Parameter Value error code indicates that a feature or parameter value in an LMP message or HCI Command is not supported.

martes, 18 de septiembre de 2007

Firsts debugs and tests...

Until this point all in the previous post was...Vaporware?

I was having serious issues with the HW of my former development machine where I started all the Bluetooth development(AMD K6-2 500MHz). NIC working but no Sound, freezing.. etc. So from the last code production I was dealing with Hardware around home to get something better. The current one was totally discarded. The first time I tried to build connecting the motherboard connectors the scene was:
- " Not working... but seems there is an orange debug LED informing about... oh oh.... this isn't a led but a burning resistor!!!!"

But well seems working, the resistor belonged to the sound system(although output works), I suspect was the joystick port. An AMD 1,3GHz 256RAM, not a big thing, even being my best machine, it does not contain even 4GB of hard disk joining 3 hard drives so getting whole Haiku tree is already impossible.

So this is the result of the testing/debug. At the moment after plugging the Bluetooth dongle as you can see the device is published in the devfs tree, not much, but took same time than writing this post, which make me feel happy about the code written till the moment, because these hooks are the core part of the driver.

Need to point that this is just a driver, there is a stack protocol waiting to be on the top of this driver (4 protocols to consider it as a basic bluetooth stack) HCI, L2CAP, RFCOMM, SDP). So whats this driver supporting? just usb-bluetooth dongles, nothing more. If you want to to use a bluetooth keyboard. I think the profile needed to be implemented is called BT-HID or similar.
Transfer files from your mobile phone? I think you need 2 more protocols (FP, OBEX) which rely on top of RFCOMM.

Bad news?

In other words... can we use the gtalk features of gmail in your browser with just a NIC driver? there are some things in the middle :) starting with a good browser...

Oh yeah... the soruces are safe... in the HD, a USB stick, some mail.... and of course, in the floopy.

miércoles, 12 de septiembre de 2007

all was suposed to be BLUE...

Summer has gone, it can be seen in the activity of the blog, but somehow felt that there was the need to at least say something about all these...

2004 times was when I first got in contact with that technology, the knowledge of that unfinished project was still in my head and I really had the need to dump it somewhere while it was still in my mind... as a legacy of those times.

The ones who physically remember me (partyzipa, germany...) saw me with still an old Nokia 3330 cell phone. So hard to believe but some months ago, in my Madrid times, I got my brother's former mobile, a Sony Ericsson Z600. And what? I just wanted 2 features: Java(J2ME this will be for another post) and Bluetooth capabilities.

So already when I was in Madrid, the background work started. Some Headers here, some definitions there... directory structure. But I just had real code production in the last 2 weeks.

At the moment I have laying in a floppy disk what seems to be a beta version of a USB-Bluetooth driver. Waiting to be compiled, and start the debugging and testing stage.

More or less the coding stage is done. I have a serious issue with a dependency with a Haiku kernel module, which might prevent the Bluetooth system to work on R5 at all. It lacks support for [e]SCO connections (and will for a while). For the testing, an emulation of the next layer of the architecture will need to be implemented... until proper implementation.

Which layer? Bluetooth-HCI but these and architecture details will be also in another post.

No need to comment that if someone in the comunity has experience in the technology as dev or as user, many sugestions design/integration help can be done to this future Bluetooth Haiku Subsystem, just comment ;)