jueves, 27 de septiembre de 2007

Alive remote signals. Milestone 1 reached.

This is finally something. At least the point i wanted to reach before ending the "spanish summer". The packages sent in the previous post were obviously corrupted by a small bug. Once corrected the device started answering correctily to the configuration commands.

Could get some of the dongle parameters like its physical address and its default name. But what it is shown in the following screenshots isnt that but the result of an Inquiry process. This is what is known as... search for remote bluetooth devices around the Office.

Here between the data, I selected the text of the reported physical address of a found device. It belongs to my mobile phone. For each device found, an "inquiry result event" is issued. This code event is 0x2 and can be seen in the first character of the line:

Here we can somehow demostrate that there was actual comunication as the phone, reported about his name. I wont comment the kind structure of the information but note around the selected text the characters "OliverZ" at the beggining and at the end "600". Which forms the name of my mobile OliverZ600, the Sony Ericsson model. 

I bet its time for a break...

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Michael Weirauch dijo...

Hey Oliver,
I still have my bt-dongle which I bought for testing your bt-developments in Mannheim. Perhaps once I will get a development system up ...


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