viernes, 26 de octubre de 2007

Bluetooth kit/sever/preferences [second attempt]

As far as I remember the last post continued something like...

All the subsystem needs to control and manage at least:

  • "Bluetooth ports" we have in the system, LocalDevice
  • Give the user to discover the devices around, RemoteDevices
  • Each LocalDevice will have 1 and only 1 Connection to other Remote Device. And this sometimes will only be possible after some pincode pairing.
  • And for now... each connection handles multimes Channels where rely all the bluetooth services(psm) between 2 devices.
Some of this points even require a nice UI looking for the user feedback.

So a server, managing the access to this LocalDevices, a kit for developers to access to them and a Preferences app for the user to set the all the possible configurations in the bluetooth world, seems to be a requirement.

Real data flowcomunication most likely will end up being a sockets family AF_BLUETOOTH to keep some compatibility with FreeBSD and Linux. So we can port some upper layer apps or profiles.

In terms of the kit which some parts are already committed. I have been searching for existing bluetooth APIs SymbianOS, Microsoft,... and I found in the JSR82 a nice developerfriendly API, the most near I saw from the Be way.

JSR82 is a API developed by motorola for smart phones supporting J2ME. Yes it is a Java API. Any java application that is capable to be loaded into a mobile phone using bluetooth services is coded using the JSR82 API.

No panic, only the classnames, methos and parameters are going to be used. All the kit is going to be as usual and always a C++ kit. Lets say the kit is going to be insipired in that API.

To say that if someone knows another API that is worth to pay attention, or any consideration about this desition. Now all is in a early stage and we can still change;)

miércoles, 24 de octubre de 2007

bluetooth kit ... ¿qué será, será?

Some important facts happened this week you all know. Michael's announcement and consequent Stephan's reply.

First, we will unify all contributors with commit access to the Haiku source tree into a single Developer Team,[...]. Membership to this team is automatic through gaining commit access.

And as some of you that follow the Haiku checkins might know, at the beginning of the week(sunday) the first classes composing the future bluetooth kit were committed to the tree. So having checked in implies have commit access, which implies belong to the Developer Team! thats way too much pressure! (kidding)

It is the second time blogger cuts this post, and deletes all the technical info I wrote. So bein as pissed as I am now, I better go on with the post another day...

sorry :(

viernes, 12 de octubre de 2007

GSoC Summit [Update]

Was a complete weekend for us, Google Summit on Saturday, and on Sunday the Norcal meeting. For the second part Koki did a more than complete summarize about what happened that day so its a better idea to go to read there. All the pictures I and the others did are in the Norcal site.

We already met some people from other projects such as Freenet, ScummVM, Etherboot and Drupal during our previous days in the hotel, and in a dinner organized... downtown in Sunnyvalley maybe? I have no idea where was it, an expensive Italian restaurant. So I will try to give a good overview about the Google the day. 

It started with a shuttle which took us to the Google HQ. There was a bit of confusion concerning where were we supposed to have our breakfast, if at google's or in the hotel, and when was gonna be the last bus.
Once there,  we registered and got a pencil and a notebook to take some notes and the real breakfast started in the "no name caffe". 
There were some proposed talks by the mentors to take place during the day. Those were announced in posters around the caffe, and we were supposed to place a sticker if we were expecting to attend. Afterwards, we all joined in the Tunis room to have the general information about the event, schedule all the talks, and the bad new... no pictures inside the building but outside.

The first and maybe more important talk was in Seville room (city where my family originally comes from). It was basically how to deal with students, selection process, motivation and so on. We took many notes in that talk and learn a lot about how other organizations were dealing it. The first important point I get from all this.

Many talks were overlapping and I would say, I did not do a good choice for the next one... as I barely remember it. Summarizing it was a loop of "tech_talk + tech_talk + eat". One of the funny ones for me was about how to get women involved in opensource. Although the first step I guess is involving them into computers engineering. Another about games was given by one of the ScummVM members: Eugeni Sadulenko (Евгени Садуленко I bet). The last one I took was about bioinformatics, connected to some of my parallel projects. All talks in general were emphasizing the opensource philosophy.

The second important point was the PR done with members of another projects. I was happy that many people knew about us, for the other who did not know at least we did some promoting, and for the ones that already knew us, just pushing a bit like "... and who is keeping your BeOS port?"

After the talks, back to the hotel as Google ordered a huge amount of pizza for the mentors to eat all together at the pool of the hotel. I wondered who ordered the beer people was removing on the following morning...

Basically that was the day. The security as i told did not allow us to take pics but here are all I could take :) I will update the entry as soon as I remember something more

Other pics form other mentors:

And the group picture! find the Haiku team!

Actually, sincerely.... the most impressing thing for me was, the Google toilets... but i am not supposed to talk about it...

This was another group picture taken by an exotic english accent guy(himself proclaimed) Panoramic photo and here a cross shaped one

viernes, 5 de octubre de 2007

Broadcasting from WildPalms

Nice an airport with plugs around to plug the computer! The GSoCS journey started waiting in Philadelphia for the San Francisco flight. Dissapointed that also in American airports you have to pay for the wireless acces. So this will be posted sometime... and Already spend the first dollars of my life in real real Junk Food! At the moment nothing seems that different from Spain...

Concerning the bluetooth project, Karl from Haikuware contacted me last week about to create a bounty regarding it. The project was already started anyway as he wrote but, with given a deadline, then fits better in a bounty.As last I checked, I must thank their cointribution to Andrea(I have the ItBug u gave me right here) and Jared

The description of the project and its planned phases can be seen there as well. At the moment the project is in a "coding breake" as i am designing a bit the userland part of the architecture. For that I started using the available Umbrello in Kubuntu, but took me to many lost data, so end up with Bouml. As soon as I trust a bit more Google Docs I will be publishing the current designs and documentation as well as the project proposal.