miércoles, 7 de noviembre de 2007

Another push for the Haiku UI creation

As already published in BeOSFrance and in my friend's blog Koki some applications has been opensourced. Actually MeTOS always has been opensource under the GPL license, but its sources were not officially published anywhere.

Long ago when I searched the way to make my UI development quickier, I found in MeTOS as the best fitting my expectations. I wonder a lot about the others such as BeBuilder, BeXL and VisualBe.

So insipired by a post in haikuware about binary compatibility of MeTOS under Haiku, I started concering if we could ensure the further development of the application. I really think we cannot lose this piece of software. Therefore I contacted Cedric Vincent, the author.

And here is the result, here we can find the new site of the MeTOS project. Which I already joined... another subject is where to take the time...

Take the chance to point the other 2 sourceforge sites of his opensourced projects, DontWorry and BeNetTris

THANKS Cedric!

lunes, 5 de noviembre de 2007

the under-UI-world...

In the last weeks we have been doing some work in the libwalter project since the summer break, was an active week.

Some classes are starting to be used (in OOffice in my case), therefore some bugs are being cleaned. After the use, the needed improvements can be noticed and implemented(Splitter). Biffuz's ToolBar also got many improvements, and some elements from Tracker were isolated and included in the lib (the little triangle expanding the View)

Finally we added some more test cases to show somehow the result of the project as can be seen in the screenshot.

Anyone can go the libwalter website, download the sources via svn, and "jam" them to build the lib or execute the test cases. For the moment R5/Haiku & ZETA compatible ;)