miércoles, 26 de diciembre de 2007

Xmas Xmas...

Another couple of days far from home... South this time, in Sevilla. I had some portions of code in the different places I am staying, some parts of the bluetooth kit in that computer, the server in a another.

A bit in a rush, before departing, gathered them all together in an old laptop with the hope i get some "free familiar time" to merge all them together, being able to test as soon as I come back home, and make a release with all work untill now at the end of Xmas time.

I got again from the opensourced BeNet an usefull class to handle debug information without having to trick logfiles... Which would be the first screenshot I could show of all the bluetooth system with some visual UI stuff. Later later...

As I promised to Andrea;) to give him a toy for Xmas to test...

Best Wishes to all!

viernes, 7 de diciembre de 2007

OOffice "back". LC (looking candidate)

Not that I have been hardly developing on that, but since I think I have all UI widgets I needed for OOffice from libwalter, I just played around adding some of the widgets.

It can be seen the toolbar and a splitter(from Project Conceptor) to separate those nice ShrinkView on the left I took from an opensourced BeNet. I am considering about removing the Format text controls from the toolbar and adding them to the ShrinkView ...

And this other one... running in Haiku ;)

domingo, 2 de diciembre de 2007

Bluetooth design

Regarding a post I saw some weeks ago about following a complete software cycle development in Haiku. I decided to publish the UML diagrams draft I am using to tailor all the haiku bluetooth subsystem.

In the link posted, can be seen some UML diagrams about the classes and the bluetooth server and bluetooth kit interaction. As well as some scenarios.

Stuff awaiting for comments as well as my last commit which belongs to the whole driver I have been commenting here.


OH!, and I use the chance to thank the bounty donators and give a little update about whats going on with all this ;)

[Comment] Note that I have not been actually respectful with the meaning of the types of arrows of the class diagrams ;)