martes, 14 de octubre de 2008

1 month shift (Sorry)

As some of you know the Bluetooth bounty had 1st November as Deadline.

We are still behind schedule and the status prevision given the last week progress is that the next milestone could be reached in the following 2 weeks(counting this one).

So we had 1 week free as security, but seems is not gonna be enough, I was expecting a business trip sooner or later, and it arrived NOW which will keep me occupied the rest of the month.

I am gonna be in a German Town/City called Kronach somewhere around Munich according to the flight my company booked. It is really a pity that I dont have any development env setup in a laptop because it is gonna be boring, as I dont really know much people around...

Therefore I am forced to shift the bounty 1 month, sorry.

sábado, 11 de octubre de 2008

Call to Arms: Most Complete BeOS Software Database

Karl from Haikuware has done a prodigious job, collecting all software around the www related with BeOS. Please read his post here.

He posted here the list of the still missing software. So I beg you all to look into those CDs and all those BeOS software archive files and let them arrive to Karl.

Some requested the list in txt format get it here. (Formatted thanks to Meanwhile)

If you even have its sources or are the developer of the app, I encourage you to use the chance to opensource your app to ensure it stays in Haiku Forever.

I propose community to share its archive/sources during the next week in BeShare. I will try to be online as much as possible.

Thanks to all

martes, 7 de octubre de 2008

L2cap signalling / 1 way

The testing of all the l2cap lower layer has started.

After pairing, we are ready to receive ACL packets, that after reassembling them, become L2cap frames, which the ones of type G, are already user/application data.

But first of all are the C type frames (signals), which will establish a L2cap Channel, this channel will be the carrier of  those G type frames.

So after theory the facts: the ACL data is reassembled(not well tested as the first L2CAP frame I got could be fitted in 1 ACL packet :-/) and forwarded to L2CAP layer parsing it and handling the first L2cap C Frame, which is the major achievement these last days.

This first signal requests us to open a channel, so the next step is to check whether there is a l2cap bound socket for accepting it and replying with another signal frame, which will need to be segmented(if big enough) and sent as ACL...