viernes, 23 de enero de 2009

Some other evolution

This is the current state after some feedback. The information about the Local Device is not taking so much protagonism now, and the first tab the user can see is the list of the current remote devices(not implemented).

The intention is that the settings tab should not be needed for an average user, and the identified needed functions of this tab would be accessible also through a Deskbar applet...

viernes, 9 de enero de 2009

Preference & next steps

In the next months all work is being focused in the codebase of the Phase1(ARCE) of the project. Three main things, fix bugs, clean, and implement features and tools which will make starting the Phase2 with a more comfortable Bluetooth base.

One of the most annoying things is that the bluetooth_server is not recognizing the hotplugged dongles on the system, they must be plugged before starting the server. So basically the management of the device(s) plugged in the Haiku system must be improved.

The second big one is the lack of tools, there are 2,  one informational, and another for discovering, but we cannot yet(in svn) take any action. The actions needed by the tests were taken by the remote device(phone).

In a document I was dropping during these months my UI Wishlist

There is a mockup of the future InquiryPanel which I would like to receive some feedback too, but the intention of the post is to show the current Preference application:

3 tabs, rightmost is pretended for global settings. The middle one, pretends to be a list of all known remote device: reacheable, paired, blocked, connected. And a description of what we know about it or services offered if available.

And the target of the post would be the tab which can be seen in the screenshot. Is the description of the LocalDevice, and the most basic action make it enter the game(discoverable). The good thing of those 2 checkboxes is that they are actually working. The black box is intended to show a laptop or Desktop machine(who know.. a smartphone?) icon depending how are you willing to identify yourself.

The panel is very basic so I thought there are many artists around that might want to give me some ideas with mockups or comments. I would be glad reading them before going on with the code.

BTW: The dongle identified in the screenshot is one donated by Pieter Panman one finally containing a valid bdaddr, thanks!