viernes, 10 de julio de 2009

Bluetooth Status

There have not been any huge steps forward in the current status of the bluetooth stack, but many small ones which give a bit more visual, and development comfortability:

Little icons for devices list: Jörg Meyer, drew an identifiable icon according to the device class instead of the former empty black square.

Debug information: The bluetooth console opened by the server has improved its debug information, being more clean and formatted.

Close and start server, maybe one of the oldest and most annoying bugs the stack had. The USB pipes of the h2generic driver were not correctly cleaned, therefore at closing the device driver(Quitting the server) compiling the server or the kit and trying to start again the server, to test the changes, the stack was blocked due the usb pipes. The only way to test again was to restart the whole system. Consequences, now you can start the server and quit the server, plug and unplug your dongles. In a user side these are not common operations, but the development is going to be a bit more comfortable.

SetDeviceClass: This is a new method added to the bluetooth kit although it is not in the JSR-82 standard. Once the device class is set, and any remote discovers the Haiku node, it will concretely know if this is a phone, a printer, a GPS, or as we will set by default, a computer. This was an option in preferences, but until now it had no effect.

Here we can see how 2 dongles(BCM2035 and CSR bc-4) in the Haiku node have been discovered by Windows7 as different Device class(handheld, and Laptop).

Deskbar applet: Finally! Michael Weirauch took a day and sent me this patch which adds a deskbar addon, where we will place the most common actions. Currently the ones placed just help the development.