miércoles, 31 de marzo de 2010

Bluetooth Tasks for a GSoC project ...

Haiku Bluetooth Stack implements basic functionality on lower and middle layers, this functionality needs to be completed and all Bluetooth 2.X possibilities explored.

Requirement: Bluetooth enabled Haiku system

Skill set: C++ kernel development, userland development, overview bluetooth stack knowledge(optional)

  • New Tasks: 
    • RemoteDevices Database
    • Manage server existence depending of LocalDevices
  • Fixes:
    • Fix monitoring of incoming LocalDevices(USB)
    • Use LayoutManager for debug console + codestyle it
    • LocalDevices allocation/leaking LocalDevice::GetLocalDevice
  • Improvements
    • UI
      • Improve Deskbar Addon
      • Improve PinCode Window
      • Add Remaining Features in DeviceView
        • Put non relevant information under a ToolTip
    • Functionality
      • UserLand tools(Preferences)
        • Retrieve Discovery and DevClass (other settings?) in Startup
        • Store information
          • Window position
          • Default LocalDevice
          • Settings (Inquiry time, Policy)
      • Pairing/Auth/Encryption use cases ...