domingo, 27 de junio de 2010

Haiku initiating encrypted pairing

A bit of status update,

During the last months I have been working stabilizing the HCI layer, and the user interaction to pair. Up to now I was using the remote device to be the master of the communication therefore using that incoming information to guide the implementation.

Haiku could before search for remote devices, but could not decide by itself to communicate with them. Then a "Pair" button has been implemented in preferences. Implementing encrypted and non encrypted pairing with them. Additionally there is a new checkbox in preferences(with an unfortunate location at the moment) to indicate that Haiku requires, that link to be placed between devices, to be encrypted:

This is maybe the most complex messages interchange in HCI layer together with scanning devices. There was then work rewriting and refactoring code in the server to be able to see clearly how sequences flowed.

Here we can see how Haiku forces my phone to match a pincode, hardly readeable as usual, but it says in Spanish "haiku-bluetooth, Add to My Devices?"

Next step is make the same at L2cap layer. Haiku more or less handles l2cap channels as slave, so now it is turn to act as master too...