sábado, 28 de agosto de 2010

L2CAP next steps

Summer is still here, productivity in code is one of the lowest ones since I remember. Summer is to blame, hardly remember which update i need to give now.

Related my development I did a small incrusion in Caya development, implementing some features I needed to feel comfortable regarding the chat windows behaviour. BTW last release with MSN support!

But focusing on bluetooth L2CAP and its sockets interface has been a bit improved. As we said in the previous post, Haiku could initiate a pairing process and establish a communication link.

The next step was to allow Haiku act as a client to request opening a channel in the given communication link to finally interchange real user information from node to node.

There has been implemented a test application in src/test/kits/bluetooth/l2capClient. I was able to request pairing with a device (a Motorola V5), open a communication channel and send dummy data to him. the phone obviously did not understand information, and closed the communication.

Still unmature and some configuration parameters are unsupported, but if both nodes are Haiku, they could send information that each other understand. Therefore with that implemented some small applications could be implemented to have 2 haiku nodes interchanging normal user data wireless through bluetooth. This opens possibilities to implement small custom and non standard applications to:
  • Chat between 2 nodes.
  • Send flattened BMessages
  • File exchanges
between 2 Haiku nodes.