domingo, 10 de febrero de 2008

Second Testing stage

These were the first evidences that bluetooth could actually work in Haiku , that was the result of a first code testing after the coding of the driver. Now finally I could compile the three entities which are to compose the young haiku bluetooth stack:

H2 Transport(Hardware independency):


Partial HCI Layer(Network establishment and handling):


UserLand kit interaction(Bluetooth Kit):

At the first run the server runs in Haiku without crashing for the moment, so lets see how all this parts get on well together... test again...

martes, 5 de febrero de 2008

BT Boosted

Some weeks ago I requested in haikuware about the possibility of someone having any old RAM simms for a Pentium 2 or 3.

Since my AMD literally burnt, I was dealing with 128MB RAM pentium 3 for the development, and the build process was often failing due lack of memory. Moreover, the heater was not really doing a good job... as the CPU temperature was around 60ºC therefore I had to even underclock it, delaying all stuff. (Anyway I am the kind of persons using always old hardware)

But today I got a nice packet from Canada !!! two 128 RAM sims which I inmediatelly plugged:

64+64+128+128 And now even its possible to use actually the system while buidling!
no need anymore to kill even the debug_server for saving memory:D


To update a bit the status of the bluetooth project: The USB tranport driver Driver and kit are currently comitted & building in the Haiku the svn and currently I am tailoring the bluetooth server, expecting commiting and the end of the week for starting the test of the whole system.